"Are You Ready To Achieve Your Goals With More Ease?"


The Spark Effect Academy

 Rewire your brain for success with my 8 Week High Performance + Mindset Program
 Achieve your big, bold business goal faster and easier than ever before.

Hello there passionate, purpose-driven female entrepreneur!
You have a BIG vision of what you want to do and create in your business...

- Maybe it's the book you've had on your heart to write for ages...

- Perhaps you have a fabulous podcast idea that you know will change lives...

- It could be an idea for your killer TED talk that will establish you as a thought-leader in your industry...

- Maybe it's an online course that will allow you the freedom to share your knowledge from anywhere in the world!

You’ve had that 'spark' of creative genius, but you haven't quite achieved your goal yet...
You Have The Vision + Talent
I'm here to tell you that you absolutely have the talent, passion and potential needed to make your BIG goal happen.

So what's actually getting in your way? 

You don't always follow though on your BIG goals and projects, because you find yourself thinking...

"Where do I even start?"
"I have so many ideas, which one do I pick?"
"What if I fail?"
"Where will I find the time to get it done?"

You know you are destined for so much more but...

You're just not sure how to get past the blocks and limiting beliefs that have stopped you from achieving in the past....
You're Not Alone
After working with highly ambitious women for the past decade as a high performance and mindset coach, here's what I realised...

No matter how smart, talented or driven they were...

There were 4 common obstacles that got in the way of them achieving their goals every single time!

4 Biggest Obstacles To Goal Success


Too many goals...not enough time!

You have these big dreams but you don't feel you have time to make them happen!

You love life, business, friends, family and time at the gym and your yoga class...

How do you fit everything in?

Not knowing how to maximise your time, stops you from achieving.


With so many great ideas and goals to choose from overwhelm and indecision can keep you stuck.

Once you DO have your big, bold goal...

You struggle to break it down...

You don't know how to get it all out of your head...

And into a clear, doable and enjoyable action plan.

Feeling overwhelmed stops you from taking clear and purpose-driven action.


You want to go after your BIG dreams but too often self-doubt kicks in...

Not feeling 'good enough' keeps you awake at night.

The 'imposter syndrome' has you doubting your talent.

"Can I really do this?"

"What if I fail?"

Perfectionism stops you from finishing (or even starting!)

You pull back, stop and "shelve" your big goals.

You end up playing safe and small. Your business doesn't grow because you are stuck. 


You throw yourself into your goal, working hard. You love what you do, but you struggle to 'switch off.'

You might have achieved your goal but you are exhausted!

You feel like you compromised too much...

Your sleep, your exercise routines, good food, social events and quality time with loved ones...

You struggle to achieve your goal while also making time to nurture your own health and wellbeing.

I Totally Get You...

When I first started my business I thought I just needed strategies, marketing and sales techniques...

But I quickly realised this wasn't the case...

In the first year of business I spent $15,000 on a business development program only to discover that I struggled to implement the techniques because...

I had too many mindset blocks.

I had all the marketing ideas, the sales pitches, the great business ideas but...

- I got stuck in perfectionism
- I feared failure
- I worried I wasn't 'good enough'
- I stressed over not 'knowing enough'
- I felt everyone was doing so much better than me

These thoughts LITERALLY STOPPED ME from taking action and following through on my goals and bigger business vision.

I felt so frustrated with myself, stressed out and full of regret. I knew I was capable of so much more!

It was only when I committed to doing the work to overcome mindset blocks that I made progress in my business.

Personal Growth = Business Growth

Entering the 'business world' I watched as those around me worked themselves into the ground, 'hustling' 24/7 to grow their business.

Having spent seven long years recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome, I'd already learnt (the hard way!) that sustainable success comes from working smarter not harder.

Adamant I wouldn't push myself to burnout again, I learnt everything I could about performance, mindset and wellbeing, studying and implementing the latest in neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing practices.

From my research and lived-experience I was able to develop my own brain-based approach to achievement that wasn't about the 24/7 hustle, but based on what our brain and body needs to work best and to thrive.

Over the last decade I've established myself as a thought leader as a performance and mindset coach, writing for leading publications such as WellBeing, Thrive Global, Body and Soul and presenting at Commonwealth Bank, Blackmores and Curves.

Now I'm a mum of a toddler, knowing how to make the most of my time is more important than ever!
The strategies and methods I teach have allowed me to recover, start a family and build a business I love!

Life is finally great.

Would you love the same for your life and business?

What if there's a new way to achieve your BIG goals with more ease?

This is exactly why I created The Spark Effect Academy.

I created The Spark Effect Academy to help you take that 'spark' of genius and make it happen!

To overcome the blocks that have stopped you in the past from achieving what is possible in your business...

To achieve your BIG goal without the overwhelm and 24/7 hustle!

The Spark Effect Academy is an 8 week high performance and mindset program that gives you...

The exact step-by-step process and techniques you need to finally achieve that big, BOLD, ‘out-of-your-comfort-zone’ goal.

All you need is to bring your BIG business goal...and over the 8 weeks I'll show you everything you actually need to turn your goal from an idea, into a specific plan and into a ticked off business milestone.
"Jess is so knowledgeable and gives so much valuable content. Her program is not only well structured and gives you the exact information you need but she also motivates you to take the action needed. She also makes sure that you are crystal clear with what you're going to do and holds you accountable.

Jess will give you exactly what you need so you will actually see results. Thank you Jess!"

Natascha Opt De Hipt, Business and Mindset Coach, Blissunity

I know you've already watched so many YouTube videos and read countless books on goal setting and achievement, so how is this program different?

The Spark Effect Academy, will equip you to achieve your goal faster and easier than ever before, because after researching and studying neuroscience, positive psychology and wellbeing principles for the past decade I know what works.

My program is based on what works, and from that knowledge and research, I've developed the 3 pillars of high performance. 

3 Pillars of High Performance


Rewire your brain for success. 

Discover proven, brain-based techniques and strategies to increase your focus, productivity, motivation and momentum.

Learn the techniques you need to allow you brain to work at it's best.

Start working smarter not harder!


Your thoughts determine your results.

Get equipped with proven 'go to' strategies to overcome setbacks, manage stress, move past self-doubt and 'imposter syndrome.'

FINALLY master your mindset, approach your goals with confidence and achieve what you know is possible.


Achieve with ease.

An overworked and overwhelmed brain is a less efficient and happy brain. Ditch the 24/7 hustle!

Discover how to create sustainable success by making time to look after you.

Prioritise your wellbeing to feel great and achieve more.

"I joined the program because I needed personalised support and help to implement my actions to get results. The neuroscience-based content Jessica teaches was so fascinating and helpful. Jessica really breaks it down into simple language and makes it super actionable. Such a great program! I'd definitely recommend this to women in business who want to get a big task or project DONE!"

Kat Millar, Business Consultant, Amplify Your Influence 


If you don't understanding the neuroscience of achievement and how your brain works, you don't have a proven plan for success.


If you don't work on your mindset, you will continue to hold yourself back from achieving your goal and success. 


Without prioritising wellbeing, you might achieve your goal fast, but it will have come at a cost, you will not be creating a process for sustainable and lasting success.

Imagine how it would feel if...

  • You had complete clarity on what big goal to work on...no more indecision!
  • You had new daily habits that worked with your brain, to increase your productivity, focus and motivation, so you could maximise your time and energy.
  • You had the right science-based mindset tools to increase your confidence, manage your fear and quiten your inner critic.
  • ​You had the skills and processes to quickly and effortlessly move through challenges as they arose.
  • ​You had a step-by-step proven, science-based approach to goal setting and goal achievement that wasn't about the 24/7 hustle.
  • ​You didn't have to do it alone! You had a personal cheerleader with you the whole way, encouraging, supporting and keeping you accountable, right to the finish line!
  • ​You finally had that incredible 'high' of completing that big meaningful business goal that has been on your heart and your to-do list for ages!

This is all possible with The Spark Effect Academy

At the end of the program you will...

  • Have become a massive action-taker, so you will move forward progressively.
  • Have the full certainty that you will achieve your one BIG business goal, so you are on your way to success! 
  • ​Know how to move through mindset blocks, so you can achieve your goals confidently. 
  • Have simple daily habits to keep you sharp, creative and energised, so you can keep going even when obstacles arise. 
  • ​Developed life-long skills and techniques to KEEP achieving with ease.
  • ​Have skills to share with your clients to help them achieve their goals.

Let's take a look inside The Spark Effect Academy...

8 x Super-Practical Weekly Masterclasses

Each week you'll receive a step-by-step super-practical video masterclass, so you will be equipped with the performance and mindset tools you need to achieve your goal and overcome obstacles you are facing.

Online Weekly Group Coaching Session

We are not wired to do life or business alone. Each week you will jump onto a LIVE zoom session to check in, delve deeper into that weeks masterclass topic, for a Q and A, so you can trouble-shoot any problems you might be having, set clear action steps and stay inspired and energised!

Private Facebook Support Group

Pop in to ask your burning questions, find solutions and celebrate all your successes and progress, so you can keep your momentum and motivation high.

Weekly Worksheets + Resource Library

You will receive a weekly action worksheet, so you can quickly and easily implement that week's masterclass leanings. You'll also have access to a resource library, so you can delve deeper into topics, expanding your 'know-how' so you can up your game.

Intimate Small Group

I keep my group sizes small, so you get the best personalised attention and guidance.

8 x 30 min 1-on-1 Clarity + Strategy Session
(VIP Package Option)

You can't beat 1-on-1 sessions if you want to fast-track your progress. Jump on a 30 min 1-on-1 call with me each week, so you can dig deeper into the issues holding you back, to gain clarity and to find solutions to keep you moving forward.

"There are many courses out there (as well as a lot of fluff and nonsense), but I liked the fact that Jessica offers well-researched strategies that are based on solid evidence.

This program really made me consider my barriers to creating as well as the stories I was buying into. Basically – Jessica speaks my language and her course did not disappoint!

I loved Jessica’s values-based approach. I appreciated the fact that she took the time to provide personalised feedback to group members.

Thanks Jessica, I look forward to sharing my final product with you!"

Kylie Brownfield, Clinical Pscyhologist, The Mindful Clinic

The Spark Effect Academy

Starting Monday 7th September 2020

Rewire Your Brain For Success

Masterclass #1 CLARITY

Get clear on what your big goal is and how you are going to get there.

Use my step-by-step process to get super-clear on what goal is the best to be focusing your time and energy on. Take your big goal and break it down into daily actionable tasks. At the end of this masterclass you will have clarity on what you are working on and how to get there.

Masterclass #2 PURPOSE

Get connected to your bigger WHY behind this goal.

Get clear on how it's going to grow your business and your belief in what is possible. Knowing the purpose behind your goal will super-charge your motivation, focus, resilience and problem-solving abilities.   

Masterclass #3 MINDSET

Master your mindset and quieten your self-doubt.

In any creative journey or goal that takes you out of your comfort zone, your fear-response will be triggered. Discover brain-based techniques to silence your inner critic, overcome 'imposter syndrome' and move forward with courage and confidence.

Masterclass #4 PRODUCTIVITY

Maximise the time you do have to fast track your progress.

Discover simple work and wellbeing techniques to increase your focus, productivity and motivation. Keep your brain out of stress and overwhelm and your critical thinking and creativity high.

Masterclass #5 RESILIENCE

Overcome challenges quickly and easily.

As you track towards achieving your BIG goal, you will face obstacles and set backs. Discover how to shift from a problem-focused mindset and into a solution-focused mindset to keep moving forward with confidence. 

Masterclass #6 MOTIVATION

Stay motivated to achieve your goal.

Discover easy-to-implement strategies to keep your motivation high right till the finish line! Discover simple ways to keep your dopamine flowing, your excitement high, the process fun and your brain wired for success.

Masterclass #7 ENERGY

Support your energy to support your goals.

Discover how to create healthy lifestyle and wellbeing habits that will support you and allow you to have the energy to FINALLY achieve your goal!

Masterclass #8 IMPACT

Challenge yourself to go to the next level.

Step into your leadership - it's time to set a new BIG goal that challenges you and leads to greater business growth and impact. 

This program is not for everyone...

This is for you if...
 You're a women in business with a BIG goal for 2020.
 You want to achieve more in your business and have a bigger impact.
 You know your blocks have stopped you from achieving what is possible.
This is NOT for you if...
 You aren't ready to work on what is holding you back.
 You aren't ready to get out of your comfort zone.
You don't believe your mindset affects your success.
It's time to move past what has held you back in the past and FINALLY achieve your BIG business goal faster and easier than ever before!
The Spark effect academy program
  • 8 x Weekly Video Masterclasses (valued $1000)
  • 8 x Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($750)
  • Private Facebook Support Group ($500)
  • Total Value: $ 2250


(I have extended the early-bird offer right till the end of enrolment in light of the struggles people are facing with the coronavirus) xxx
  • 8 x Weekly Video Masterclasses (valued $1000)
  • 8 x Weekly Group Coaching Sessions ($750)
  • Private Facebook Support Group ($500)
  • 8 x Weekly 30 min 1-on-1 Clarity Coaching Sessions ($1750)
  • Total Value: $ 4000


(I have extended the early-bird offer right till the end of enrolment in light of the struggles people are facing with the coronavirus) xxx
"I was feeling ‘a little bit stuck’ and had ‘waay toooo many goals’ that I wanted to achieve.

The incredibly unique and effective step-by-step actions Jess teaches, helped me to quickly clear my path and know the exact goals I truly wanted to focus on AND how to achieve them.

I am ‘rocking’ my goals which is a true reflection of how amazing Jess's unique program truly is. 

Forever grateful! Thank YOU, Jess!!"

Leonie McNamara, Mindset Coach 
Whether you want to finish the draft of your book, do your very first webinar, create your online course or write your first TED talk...with my method you WILL get across the finish line and I am here to support you the whole way! 

Let's Make It Happen!

"I loved your program Jess. It was so good and I learned so many great productivity and mindset techniques. I learned more about me and how I can work smarter and how to stay focused to achieve my goals. The weekly masterclasses were great, as were the live coaching sessions. I managed to complete two projects!"

Pat Frederick, Chef, Warmly Nourished

Still got questions? FAQ's

"How much time will I need to set aside each week?"

Approx 2 hours (more if VIP) to cover the masterclass content, worksheets and group coaching session.

"This program sounds awesome but I have a non-business goal, can I still join?"

Absolutely! The method and techniques I teach are applicable to any goal.

"When does the program start?"

Monday 6th April 2020

"What happens in the Clarity Coaching Sessions?"

In the 30 minutes we will celebrate your progress and success and then get clear on what's holding you back, so we can develop a clear action plan moving forward.

"What if I achieve my goal sooner than 8 weeks?"

Fantastic! Let's set another one and get moving!

"What if my goal is too big and can't be achieved in 8 weeks?"

Not a problem! At the beginning of the program you will decide what goal you will work on for the 8 weeks, which may be a section of a larger goal.

Want to chat and see if The Spark Effect Academy is right for you?

Let's do it! Email me to organise a time -  jessica@thesparkeffect.com.au

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